.Our New Addition.

Friday afternoon we picked up the newest addition to our family....

Meet Astraea. (Yes Family, that is her official name. Please keep the nick-names to yourselves.)

She is definitely full of life. She is very sweet and VERY playful. She sleeps a lot and plays just as much. She finally went outside for the first time today. She has been a bit nervous the past few days because of the cold and new surroundings. Now she can't get enough! She whines at the door for me to let her out.

Baby (Mommy) Astraea and Achilles (Daddy) right before we took her home

Brookie sure does love her, but we are still working on Astraea being a bit too playful for Brookie. She thinks Brookie's hair is her chew toy.

Some of her odd sleeping places...

She is learning that the Love Sac is OFF LIMITS!! That's why she is peeking to see if I am going to remove her or not....I had to cut her some slack so I could get this blog post done.

Here are just a few extras for fun...

I had Aaron take this picture the moment I decided on her.

Tenney and his group of puppies. They sure loved him!

She loved that the puppies just wanted to be held. She had to kiss all of them goodbye before leaving that night.

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