.Snow Time.

I have been telling Brookie we would go out and play in the snow for a few days now...but I could never get around to doing it. I am not a huge snow fan and it takes a lot for me to get out there. So this morning when I saw it was STILL snowing after having snowed a lot of the night, I got myself and the girls all ready and...Lily decided she was so warm and comfy she fell asleep on the bed while I got Brookie ready. So Brookie & I went out and played for an hour while we let Lily nap. Brookie and I built "castles" aka hills, played on the swings, threw snowballs at the puppy and went down the slide a bit.

When Lily woke up I took her out for a bit...she wasn't a huge fan and didn't really want to be out in the cold.

So Daddy and Brookie built a snowman while Lily & I made homemade hot chocolate.

Not a bad start to our Saturday. :)
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