.Baby Proofing Begins.

Little Miss Lillian decided it was about time to start crawling. Why you ask? Because Mommy wasn't there to pick her up right away during a minor melt down.

Last night I was in the kitchen cleaning up after dinner and the two girls were playing in the living room. Lily has been teething and has not been her usual happy self. I was just about finished when Lily starts whining and I hear Brooklyn say "Mommy Lily's crawling!" At first, I didn't think much of it, but came to look anyways. I walked in and she was definitely on her knees. So I knelt down about 4 feet away and opened my arms and said "Lily, come to Mommy". Well, needless to say, Brooklyn was right. While crying she crawled right over to me and I picked her up! I couldn't believe it!

I immediately called Aaron in and David & Rachel quickly joined us. I got my iPhone out and Rachel coaxed her around the ENTIRE living room with it!!


Needless to say, it was very exciting for all of us. I wasn't ready for her to crawl, but whatever makes that little monster happy.

Today will be the first day of baby proofing....we shall see how that goes! I can already see a few things she will be racing me to as soon as she gets out of bed.
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