.My Little Monster.

Little Miss Lillian is growing up faster than I could have imagined. Along with her growing up, her personality is starting to shine through quite a bit.

Lily has ALWAYS been a very happy baby. She smiles at everyone, will let pretty much anyone hold her and is content with just about any activity you set her down to. In the past few weeks some of these things have changed DRAMATICALLY.

As soon as our little monster learned how to crawl she was in to EVERYTHING!! I know that's how most babies are. I say most because Brooklyn was an angel child...and still is in that area. I can trust Brooklyn to do just about anything, be left alone and not get into any trouble. She has always been that way. Lily, on the other hand, KNOWS that she is being naughty and LOVES it!!! She get's into things such as the cat food or the fountains at my Mom's house and as soon as she knows she has been caught and you tell her no she will promptly stop, look up at you, smile a HUGE naughty grin...and laugh right at you. Sometimes though..she will completely ignore you when you tell her no. Then when you remove her from the situation she arches her back, screams and then attempts to squirm out of your arms. Then the SECOND you put her down...she is right back to doing her little naughty deed again.

When Lily doesn't get her way she is a sight to behold. She will clench her fists and scream until she get's her way. I mean, how do you punish a 10 month old? Seriously. She is quite the handful and can not be left alone for more than 30 seconds without finding something to get into.

I have a feeling she is going to be the child that makes Aaron & I re-think how many children we really want.
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