.Too Much to Catch Up On.

A lot has happened since my last post...too much to catch up on so I will just start fresh from here.

Our little family *minus the puppy, she now has a new home* recently moved to Salt Lake City to pursue some new adventures.

Aaron just started a new job about a month ago with a local internet marketing company. He LOVES his job! Yay!! It definitely suits his personality well and I am very happy that he has found something that he enjoys.

I am still staying home watching my little angels grow and enjoying every minute of it.

Brookie celebrated her 3rd birthday on February 3rd and Lily will be 10 months on the 9th of this month. TIME FLIES!! They are both learning new and amazing things.

Brooklyn's vocabulary far exceeds that of any 3 year old I have EVER met. She keeps up pretty well with her cousin who is a year older than her and quite the smarty herself. She LOVES to sing, play space games with Daddy and be a big sister.

She is quite bossy, as most big sisters are, but you can tell she does it out of love and concern for her baby sister. She has also grown a love for making people laugh...thanks to her Uncle Chris. She is always making us laugh with her little quirks.

Lillian is working on moving from one place to another. She will crawl 2 - 3 strides, but mostly when no one is watching. Most of her getting around includes getting on her knees, falling forward and then sitting back up the few inches she has managed to move. It works for her and I am certainly not ready to have her crawling...baby proofing is a NEVER ending job. She has mastered Mama & Dada and uses them to identify us both. She is both a Mommy's girl and a Daddy's girl depending on the situation. She is almost ALWAYS smiling. She is one of the happiest and friendly babies I know. She has just started having a bit of separation anxiety, but still loves to be held by just about anyone that will have her company. She is spoiled rotten as all little girls should be before they get old enough to take advantage of it.

I have learned over the past few months that life is ALWAYS an adventure (especially with a husband like mine). I can say that through the great, the good, the not so good and the bad I am always grateful for the small things.

As they say...it could always be worse!
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