.The Aquarium.

On Thursday my Mom and I took the girls & my little sister Rachel to the Aquarium in Sandy. It was, once again, quite pricey for how long it took us to get through the whole thing. 45 minutes later we were done...so we went back and saw the Penguins about 3 times.

My favorite part was the Octopus. I had never seen one before and I couldn't stop staring at it. They are SO weird looking!! I sadly didn't get many pictures because I was enjoying showing Lily all the cool fishes and creatures.

Getting both of my girls to look at the camera at the same time was IMPOSSIBLE. Brookie was having too much fun playing with the things behind her.

Lily just stood here and stared at the fish for about 5 minutes. They kept swimming RIGHT in front of her and making her jump back a little. They would go past her, flip and around and do it again and again.

The penguins were SO fast. Some of them would swim past you so fast the girls could barely see them.
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