.The Dinosaur Park & Feeding Baby Lambies.

Last weekend Katie & I took the girls up to Huntsville to visit Grandma Stitt and then go to the Dinosaur Museum in Ogden. The night before I got a text from Aaron's Mom saying that we were going to go and feed some baby lambs that morning at 11am. I told Brookie and she got SO excited and didn't stop talking about it the rest of the night. I have to admit, I LOVED it. They were SO stinkin' cute and man they downed those bottles in less than a minute!!

Then off to the Dinosaur museum...it was definitely too pricey for what it was. Brookie was pretty terrified of the Dinosaur statues like any little girl would be. I mean, come on, the first one we saw when we walked in was a huge dinosaur laying on the ground with it's flesh ripped off on parts, with fake blood and a dinosaur standing above it with blood on it's mouth. The rest were nothing like that, but seriously? I didn't see that necessary.

We got a picture of the girls by one of the dinosaurs outside but that was about all Brookie would stand for.

Brookie was not in the mood to take this picture..the next picture I took immediately following this one was of her trying to climb out of the stroller to get me.

This part was pretty fascinating to me. These were robot dinosaurs they moved around and they had sounds playing in the background of them roaring. Too bad Brookie hated it, but I made her sit through it anyways. She ended making Aunt Katie take her back there at the very end, but still came back terrified.

The real fun was playing on the swings & slides and taking pictures in ALL of the cut outs.

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