.Discovery Gateway.

I have been looking for some new things to do with the girls that are fun but also somewhat educational. I had seen someone post on their blog about the Discovery Gateway a while back and finally got around to taking the girls there. It is pretty pricey at $8.50 a person for anyone age 1 and older. I found a pass so it was only $5 a person and decided to go. It went so well I ended up getting a 6 month pass that has already paid for itself within 2 visits.

Brooklyn's favorite part so far has been the stage where you can dress up as different characters/animals and put on a play.

Of course she had a blast playing around in the helicopter.

They have an area that is called "Kid's View" and it's a little town with everything child sized.

The house...

The Grocery Store...

There is a lot more, but most of the time I was too busy playing with them to get pictures. It is definitely worth the money if you get a membership. Just don't go during any sort of school break lol it's a MAD HOUSE!!
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