.Easter 2010.

I have been slacking majorly on my posting...so here goes a few catch up posts.

We celebrated Easter twice this year. Kyler was in town for Spring Break so we had dinner at Aaron's parents house the weekend before Easter and did a MASSIVE Easter Egg hunt for Brookie in their basement since the weather wasn't good enough to do it outside.

I didn't get a lot of photos *I still need that CD of pictures Katie :P* as I was helping Brookie find eggs while Aaron and the boys were playing with the Muskrat trap.

.Classic Muskrat Trap picture...it's becoming Aaron's tradition as to where he hides one of Brookie's eggs every year.

.Brookie's mass amount of eggs that she found.

.Aaron had Brookie do this pose...I am not sure what he was getting at.

Then on the Saturday before Easter Brookie & my sister Rachel decorated eggs together.

.Brookie spent 20 minutes painting this egg at the end of the decorating.

On Easter morning the girls found their Easter baskets. We saved the Easter egg hunt for right before dinner so Brookie, Nessa, Lily & Emily could all look for eggs together.

.Lily helping me put candy in the eggs.

More pictures to come...I had to use 3 different cameras because the batteries kept dying. These were the few I had on my phone.
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