.Swimming Time!!.

Yesterday Aaron and I took the girls swimming at the Lehi fitness center. My Sister-in-Law had gone with my nieces a while back and talked about how amazing it was and how much the girls liked it. So I went online and took a look at their website and got pretty excited just looking at the pictures. They had TONS of areas just for little kids along with a lazy river and a water slide for the big kids. We invited Katie, Chase and Tenney to go with us.

We got there at about 12:15 and I called Katie to see where they were. She let me know they had just gotten back to their apt. because she had forgotten the girls swimming suits. It ended being a good thing because Aaron hadn't eaten anything before we left and was in dire need of some lunch. We went on the hunt for a good sandwich place, of course. Aaron + Sandwiches = heaven. We drove around forever it seemed like (I told him to go the wrong direction so we ended up driving into the outskirts of Lehi with no food places in sight). I ended up forcing him to stop at gas station that had a Gandolfo's in it because Lily was in need of a diaper change pretty badly. He was really against going there because he thought they just had sub sandwiches. Turns out he was wrong and on top of it he loved their sandwiches so much he wanted to go back and get another one when we were done swimming.

We finally got to the pool and spent about 15 minutes getting all changed before getting into the pool. Brookie & Lily were both in heaven! Lily was even going down the little kids slide and having a blast. The big kids got to go down the big water slide which I really didn't want to do. Somehow Katie convinced Brookie to go down it and she was very adamant that she get to go. How could I not go if my 3 year old was going to? So I ended up going down the slide with her. She loved it until the very end when we both went under water at the end of the slide. She wasn't too upset but wasn't about to go down it again.

Right before we were ready to go we headed back over to the little kid's area with the play area and Aaron, Katie, Tenney & I just sat in the shallow water with Lily while Chase took Brookie to play on the play area. We all were extremely amused with Lily. She kept putting her face underwater, popping back up and smiling at us. It was truly SO adorable.

Getting Brooklyn out of there was a chore. Lily, on the other hand, was pretty tired and ready to go. Lily was conked out as soon as we got in the car and drove away.

I will definitely go there again when the weather gets bad again and swimming weather is over.
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