.Lily is 1!!.

May 9th, 2009...the day before Mother's Day, I got the best Mother's Day gift I could have EVER asked for. My 2nd beautiful, healthy and precious little girl...

Lillian Abigail Stitt

She was worth everything I went through to get her here and SO much more. I love you Lily Bug!! You have made our family so much more exciting and entertaining....and kept your Mommy in the best shape of her life!! My reflexes are better than most thanks to your little antics you like to pull and I know to never get too involved in anything unless you are sound asleep in your bed...or I will pay for it later with all the things you get in to.

I used to say I never wanted a little boy because they have too much energy and get in to things WAY too much. Well, I think I can handle a boy now, thanks to you. :)


Yes, the party was a few weeks ago...but it took me a while to actually wrestle Aaron's computer away from him long enough to get the pictures off of it to go along with my post. Then I got lazy and didn't post a blog for a while...so here goes!!

We went with a Luau theme because I wanted to do something that had to do with flowers. I had the "April Showers Bring May Flowers" verse stuck in my head for 2 reasons...1) Uncle Chris' nickname for Lily is Lily Flower 2) I was praying all the rain we were having in April meant that May would be beautiful!!

I was so busy getting ready for the party that the night before I realized...My Mom and I hadn't gotten birthday presents for Lily!! So the morning of the party we sent Aaron out to get presents. We had no idea what he would come back with and got even more nervous with every phone call because of his crazy ideas for gifts that were definitely not fitting for a 1 year old. LUCKILY this was the only gift he ended up getting more for himself then for her...and he broke it right away. lol

Lily sure loves her Grandma's. This picture is just too precious!

The Grandparents! I am sure they are all SOOO thrilled that I have now posted this picture TWICE!! :)

Brookie was such a helper when it came to opening Lily's presents. Luckily Lily wasn't really into the opening them part...just playing with them. This is a classic picture of Brookie trying to intercept the gifts.

Our little girls sure are loved! Look at all of our families that came to celebrate with us!!
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