.Someday My Prince Will Come.

Well, it looks like I have a true Princess on my hands. She talks about Prince Charming every day and how they are going to get married.

She will go outside and pick flowers and say they are for her Wedding with Prince Charming.

She will have me put a dress on her and tell me that she is going to wear it when she marries Prince Charming.

She dances around and sings like a Princess and talks about Prince Charming.

Once I ask her about Prince Charming, the story get's even better...

Prince Charming is always stuck on an Island that is far away or locked away at her PINK Castle that she has no way to get to. So how can she marry Prince Charming?

I try and convince her that one day her Prince will come when she is bigger. Her reply to that? Prince Charming is SMALL like her. So she doesn't have to wait if they are the same size!
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