.4th of July 2010.

Our Family enjoyed a relaxing weekend up in Huntsville with the Stitt Family. Brookie had been talking about the parade and fireworks for months! So she had gotten me really excited...I just love watching her excitement. :)

Our morning started out later than we had planned, as our family now runs on Stitt time. So we missed the F-16 flyover and breakfast in the park. Chris & Lizzie saved us a spot at the end of the parade route. We parked a little ways back and got the girls all strapped in to their stroller. We were trying to figure out how to drag ourselves, a double stroller and 6 camping chairs all to where we were going. Aaron came up with the idea that he would just drive the chairs up there and drop them off, then come back and park. So he pulled away and I started pushing the stroller wondering "Why did we not just go with him??" I guess he thought I could use the exercise! :P Turns out, he ended up parking RIGHT where we were sitting as there was an open space on the lawn.

We enjoyed the parade thoroughly and got a TON of candy considering we were at the end of the parade route. On one of the floats, a little boy still had a bag with quite a bit of candy in it. As he passed us, he just dumped it ALL on the ground right in front of us!! Bill Clark, Aaron's good friend from High School, had his 2 kids sitting right by us. So Brookie and those 2 split up the candy between them with a few kids getting in on the action at the very end.

We stuck around the park and let Brookie play on the inflatables and, of course, got more cotton candy than we should have. She sweet talked Grandpa into getting her the first one of the day. After we all had some of that one, it didn't take much convincing for us to get more throughout the day. :)

We had some lunch and then went back to the house and took naps.

We had Aaron's friends from High School, Bill Clark and Derek Cooper, along with their families over for a bar-b-q before the fireworks.

The fireworks were my favorite part of the day. We got to the park fairly early and had time to just walk around and say hi to more of Aaron's friends from the Valley, eat more cotton candy and enjoyed some DELICIOUS dutch over peach cobbler. Brookie and Lily LOVED playing with the Clark's and their kids. Brookie even cried when it was time for all of us to go home (she was also THOROUGHLY exhausted...so that explains a lot).

Instead of a picture overload, I made a slide show of our pictures set to Aaron's FAVORITE 4th of July song. It almost moved him to tears. I have to say, it's my best work yet...and I could still add a lot to it with transitions and what not, but I am pretty happy with how it is now.

ENJOY!! Hope everyone had a safe and awesome 4th of July!
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