It's hard to truly thank someone for all that they have done for you...or even for one thing they have done for you. They may never truly know how much the things they have done mean to you. You can only hope that the smile you have on your face and the many thank you's that you give can express your true gratitude.

Aaron, Brookie, Lily and I are some of the luckiest people alive and it has EVERYTHING to do with the Family that we have (or the family that we married in to for Brookie & I). I can honestly say that EVERY single person in our immediate family, including Grandparents, has done something for us that we could never thank them enough for.

When you hear someone say "All you need is your family"...it's true. It may be your immediate family, it may be the family you married in to and it may be someone that you have known for many, many years that you consider a 2nd Mom, brother or sister.

Be grateful for what you have and hold your loved ones close. You never know when you may need them...or when they may need you.
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