.Look What Mommy Built!!.

In our community we have a little gated area with a few swings and a sandbox. It's really not bad at all...but there is NO shade at all. The only times the sun isn't beating down on you is early in the morning and after 5PM when the sun is hiding behind the clubhouse. The girls LOVE to play in the sand and dirt.

About 2 weeks ago Grandma said that she wanted to put a sandbox in for the girls or at least some sand in an area on her patio where she could never get anything to grow. Last Wednesday morning I got on to KSL & Craigslist knowing I could probably find a plastic sandbox for pretty cheap (which I did, $5 for a sandbox that runs $60 new is NOT bad). Only problem I ran into was the size...I was literally working with a 3' x 4' space. They were all at least 3 inches too wide.

I was at a loss for what to do. I knew that I had to do something because I had told Brookie I was going to get her a sandbox that day. Then it came to me...I'll just build it myself!! I knew it was bound to have something wrong with it once I was done, but it would get the job done.

So G-Ma Helen and I headed over to Home Depot and got our sand, wood and a tarp.

Getting the wood cut!

4 hours later...this was the end result!!

It's holding up great so far...and the girls are in it every time we step out the back door. Truly, the best investment of time EVER!
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