.Labor Day Weekend.

Yes, over a month later I am finally blogging about Labor Day Weekend. I could give you all my excuses, but I will spare you all the boring details. Instead...ENJOY!!

We spent the weekend up at Aaron's parents house.

Good Morning Baby Lily!!

We all had breakfast...

While putting together a rocket!!

Ready for BLAST OFF!!!

Well, it clearly did not go as planned. At least Chris made up for his inaccurate prediction of where the rocket was going to land...


Yes, the splash is Chris diving in to the lake to save the rocket. It was truly amazing...and surprising even for Chris.

Aaron & Brookie's view from the deck of Chris' heroic dive.
Plus a post dive interview.

His poor flip flops didn't survive the impact.

Right before the 2nd launch.

The 2nd launch was just as successful...or unsuccessful depending on how you look at it. It ended up going the OPPOSITE direction and going directly into the trees. It was quite the scavenger hunt we all went on to find it. Aaron ended up breaking his flip flop halfway up the mountain and walked the rest of the way up and down with only one flip flop on WHILE he carried Baby Lily. I was scaling the mountain to head down into the trees to help Chris find the rocket, which we did find in the very top of a small yet very tall tree.

After all of the rocket fun was over, we celebrated Chris' birthday with a Keanu Reeves cake made by yours truly.

It was odd how much Keanu resembled Chris on his cake.

I think he liked his cake...

I helped Kyler catch dinner! (I told him where to cast and then beat the fish to death with the biggest rock I could find. There were literally blood stains on the ground where I killed him lol)

What better way to end the night than with a performance from "Rockstar Brookie"

Best Labor Day Weekend EVER!!
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