.My Old Man.

Today my dear sweet Hubby turned 29!

I have teased him for as long as I can remember that he is my "old man". Honestly, he is only 5 years older than me and yes, I know, 29 isn't THAT old. I am pretty sure I am just covering up my extreme fear of looking old enough that I stop getting ID'd to purchase R rated movies (I guess the 2 kids with me doesn't say much??)

I had talked about making him a Godfather cake for his birthday since Chris' Keanu Reeves birthday cake...

This is truly an inside family joke that even we don't understand...

Well....my skills have slightly improved since then. This morning I presented my hubby with this...

"I want you all to enjoy my cake, so uh...enjoy"

**The quote is from the Godfather Part 2 spoken by Hyman Roth.**

In all honesty though...his reaction over his true birthday gift was priceless...


I guess he is getting old...I mean c'mon...who gets THAT excited over shoelaces?? :P

I love you Pooh Bear!! I hope you enjoyed your birthday! Our girls are so lucky to have you as a Daddy and I am very proud to call you my Husband. :)
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