.Giving Thanks 2010.

Thanksgiving this year was definitely something worth blogging about.

Thanksgiving morning kept right along with the tradition, minus our uninvited guest, the snow.


The annual meeting of rednecks, Russians and renegades
aka Stitt Family Thanksgiving Picture

Pre-Dinner Entertainment

Carving The Turkey

After Dinner Fun

Now I will explain the video of Kyler and the snowball target practice on him with no shirt on.
Mr. Fabulous, Aaron's cousin, has a new camera that shoots video at 1000fps (frames per second) so of course they had to try out the slow motion video.

It started out with a trial run of Aaron being slapped in the face by Kyler.

Slow Motion Face Slap

Snowball Adventure

Sledding Fun

That was our Thanksgiving weekend! Hopefully everyone had as much fun as we did!!
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