.Adorably Adorable.

While driving home from Walmart Brookie was excited to eat her Pizza Lunchable.

I had told her she had to wait until we got home to eat it, I am sure you can understand why.

I had opened mine up and started eating it as soon as we got in the car.

Of course, I was immediately reprimanded by Brookie.

I explained to her that Mommy had to eat so she didn't feel sick because of the baby in her belly.

"Oh!" she says "It eats the food you eat from your belly!" 

I kind of sat there shocked and said "Yes Brookie. That is exactly right."

She then proceeded to ask me how big the baby was. So I made a lime shape with my hand.

"Mom? Can I feel the baby move in your belly?"

I explained to her the baby is too little to feel yet and I can't even feel it yet. 

She told me she will wait and that she is SO EXCITED to feel the baby move.

That little moment with Brookie definitely touched my heart. :)
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