.Gaseous Maximus.

Last night was a night to remember...and hopefully NEVER repeat again.

After dinner, Aaron noticed that Lily's tummy was kind of hard. I just looked at it and didn't think too much of it at the moment. She didn't seem to be in any pain and we had just eaten dinner.

About 10:30, while trying to get Lily to sleep, she just kept crying in pain. I sang her some songs and rocked her to sleep, but as soon as I laid her down in her bed, she woke up screaming in pain again.

I brought her out to Aaron and told him that she must not feel well. Her tummy was now hard as a rock and we both came to the conclusion that she was gassy. So we tried EVERYTHING we could think of to try and relieve her tummy pains.

*Warm heating pad
*Rubbing her tummy
*Bending her knees up to her tummy

Nothing was working. Aaron did some research on ways to relieve gas and found a medicine called "Mylicon" for infant and toddler gas relief. Ky was on his way back to the house, so he stopped and picked some up from the store for us.

By the time he got back and we were able to give it to her, it had been 2 hours since she had started her non-stop screaming/crying in pain.

About 10 - 15 minutes after giving it to her, I picked her up to lay her on the ground with me so I could rub her back. As I picked her up, she shot vomit out her mouth and RIGHT into my face. It was so powerful it sprayed to the side even and got in her hair and even sprinkled Aaron in the face a bit.

At this point, I was just praying she hadn't thrown up ALL of the medicine. So I told Aaron that I was going to take her in the shower with me to rinse off and I knew the warm water would relax her. She LOVES it when we take a shower together and I hold her to rinse off her hair.

2 minutes after we got in the shower, she was SOUND asleep. So I stayed in there with her for a few more minutes to see if I could get her relaxed enough that her tummy could maybe work out the gas still.

After we got out of the shower, she stayed asleep in Aaron's arms for a bit. I then got her jammies on and moved her to floor again to lay with me. Then, the most AMAZING thing ever happened. I seriously almost cried...


Until you go through a moment like this with your child, you will NEVER understand how awesome that moment was. Aaron and I both just looked at each other and I could see him completely relax.

So, a little after 1AM, we all got to go to bed and Baby Lily slept straight through the night.

I am SO glad moments like that have been few and far between.
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