.So Far, So Good.

I survived today...without a nap.
I am going to call that truly amazing.
Especially since I woke up with a sinus headache that stuck around all day...only disappearing while we were at Katie's.

We got Katie's old apartment cleaned in just under 2 hours. That also included me running home to get the vacuum that I forgot to bring with me.
Katie treated us to lunch at Village Inn afterwards. That involved a lot of chasing Lily around and a little bit of eating.
We came home and Lily took a nice 2 hour nap. I decided to crochet instead of nap. Then when I felt exhausted, it was nearly time for Lily to wake up.
I made dinner and then immediately after eating ran out to run some errands. Only a small amount of my grocery shopping got done...a VERY small amount.
Here it is, almost 9PM...I wish I would have gone to bed an hour ago. I will still get at least 10 hours in if Lily decides to sleep half way decent tonight.

Let's hope I survive my ever increasing list of tasks to accomplish tomorrow.
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