.This Week.

...is going to be a bit crazy.

Monday - The girls and I are going to help Aunt Katie finish the last little bit of clean-up at their old apartment. Plus, I have to get the grocery shopping done that got neglected yesterday due to my body telling me I overdid it last week. I had an annoying, yet still debilitating, cold/body aches/complete lack of energy that lasted ONE day!! This has happened to me TWICE now in the past 3 weeks. It's not really a cold, as the mucus symptoms are just pregnancy related, but they are just more severe.

Tuesday - Lily's 1st dentist appointment and a cleaning/check-up for Brookie. Lily's teeth have something funky going on with the enamel, so we will find out what is going on with her teeth. It may be due to her love of grinding her teeth, that she is now growing out of. It could be the massive amount of water she drinks and too much fluoride. I have NO idea, but we will find out.

Wednesday - Brookie has been waiting for this day for quite some time now. Her 1st ever ballet lesson!! This little girl loves to dress up and pretend she is a ballerina ALL the time. She is quite good at her little twirls too. I am excited to get her started in some sort of class, especially this one. I can't wait to see my little dancer in action.

Thursday - Catching up on shots for Lily and a 4 year old check-up for Brookie. I purposely planned this for the END of the week, due to Lily not doing so well after she gets shots. Plus, Brookie spends this weekend with her Dad, so Lily can have my undivided attention if she needs it.

Friday- NOTHING!!.....Ha...if only that were true. I will probably be playing catch-up on laundry and housework...or my body will force me to relax. We shall see!!
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