.Valentines Day 2011.

Valentines Day took on a brand new meaning for me this year.
It wasn't about getting chocolates or flowers from my husband. 
It wasn't about going out and enjoying a night of romance.

It was about my Family.

Last year, Valentines Day was not celebrated.
It was the last thing I wanted to even think about.

The evening of February 12th, 2010...Aaron and I miscarried what would have been our 3rd child.

The last thing I was thinking about was getting chocolates or flowers. 
Romance was the FARTHEST thing from my mind. 

This year, the girls and I spent the day delivering Valentines to Family, taking lunch to Daddy and spending the day together.
It was so much fun to see all the surprised looks on everyone's faces as the girls handed them their Valentines and Chocolates. It was even more exciting to me to watch Brookie run up to everyone with her Valentine for them behind her back and then whip it out shouting "Happy Valentines Day!" She could have gone around giving people Valentines all day long.
I enjoyed Valentines Day more this year than I have any year in the past. 
I honestly enjoyed it more than my first Valentines Day with my hubby...which was truly one to remember...let's just say...Aaron has never cooked for me since and for good reason. :)

We all know Valentines Day can be a good day and a bad day, but it is a good reminder to show the ones we love how much we care. It can be one of the best days of the year once you get away from the stress of what we all think its supposed to be... and make it your very own.


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