.And I Love Him!!.

It's not very often that I write a post about my dear sweet husband.

Probably because he isn't my "dear sweet" husband. :P

He can be sweet at times, but that's not why I married him.

I married him because he is my best friend.

I can be quite irrational at times. Yet, I know that he will still be there for me when I come to my senses. 

He can make me want to pull my hair out the ENTIRE day, but then I can look at him at the very end of the day and be able to sweetly tell him that I love him and his reply is "I know" and it is still endearing.

His hugs can make even the WORST day feel like it never happened. 

I love that we can joke around and mess with each other...even if it is during Sunday School.

I would rather spend my time just hanging out with him than anyone else, besides my kids. :)

We made the most adorable and crazy kid EVER...and I can't wait to see what our true "mini-Aaron" turns out like.

Last, but not least, he sure is HANDSOME!!

I definitely think I am one of the luckiest girls in the world.
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