.Now THAT Sucks.

Well, this morning definitely did NOT go as planned.
It tugged at my heart strings and it took EVERYTHING in me to not cry.

This morning was SUPPOSED to be Brookie's 1st ballet class.
If you know Brookie, you know how excited she was. 
Well, the teacher ended up calling in sick. They had forgotten to take down my phone # when we registered for the classes, so we didn't find out until we were already there. Brookie started crying HUGE tears that you could see hit the stairs as we walked back outside. It makes me sad just typing this and having to relive that moment *gosh darn pregnancy hormones make it 10 times worse!*

So, after a small little talk in the car and letting her cry on my shoulder for a few minutes, I convinced her that it would be just as fun to go to the library and play Puppet Show with their Puppet Stage. She was definitely all for it and we ended up playing at the library for an hour this morning. 

If I hadn't gotten the lessons for a really good price, I would DEFINITELY be switching to a new dance studio. I mean, seriously, who doesn't have a sub or at least a make-up day scheduled for things like this? Especially when they charge a monthly tuition.

So, next month, we will definitely be looking for a new dance studio in Salt Lake. Any suggestions that do open enrollment all year would be appreciated!!
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