I am happy to report that there will be no more trips to the dentist for the girls...for the next 6 months.

Brookie did SO good. I was very proud of her. I was able to focus on Lily the whole time because Brookie did everything the Dental Assistant asked her to do with no hesitation. She actually enjoyed it. She also ended up having ZERO cavities!! YAY!!

Lily did pretty good for her first dentist appointment. It took a little coaxing to get her to open her mouth to get her teeth cleaned. Once the dental assistant let her hold onto the cleaning tool with her, she was great and just helped clean her teeth.

Lily wasn't so lucky on the cavity department. She had 3 small cavities...2 in the back of her front teeth and one on the bottom towards the back. The dentist said he could literally get them done in 5 minutes and not have to put her under or anything. He had just had a cancellation, so I figured, let's just get this done. It did take literally 5 minutes and Lily hated EVERY second of it. She was just fine a few minutes afterwards though.

So, for a 1st dentist appointment, it went pretty well. I am definitely glad it is over and out of the way. Let's just hope we can keep her from getting any more cavities.
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