.The Ball Chaser.

Last Monday was a pretty fun day.

The girls and I went swimming at Grandma Helen's right before dinner and just missed the rain that poured down as we were driving home.
We had a yummy dinner as we waited for Daddy to get home.
Daddy took the girls with him to run errands so I could enjoy a nice, relaxing, uninterrupted shower.
Then we all ate ice cream sandwiches outside before playing on the grass with the big blue bouncy ball Lily got for her birthday from Uncle Kyler.

That's where the fun ended...

We were all laughing and giggling as we took turns bouncing the ball off each other's heads. I bounced it off of Aaron's head a little too hard and in the wrong direction. It bounced off a car and headed right into the parking lot. I was the closest one to the parking lot and also right next to the "higher than I calculated" curb. Our neighbors were just pulling in and the girls were on their way after the ball as well. So, I quickly turned around and went to chase after the ball.
#1 - I was wearing flip-flops that I never wear and are thicker than the ones I usually wear.
#2 - I am 7 months pregnant and my center of gravity is off.
#3 - I am naturally clumsy, pregnant or not.

As you probably imagined...I tripped over the curb at a high speed, took 3 large "trying to catch yourself" steps and fell face/belly first onto the ground. If you ask Aaron, I landed belly first and rolled forward to scrape up my face and tooth. I must have caught myself at least a little due to the fact that I scraped up my left shoulder, the palms of both my hands and my left knee.
I stood straight up, looked at Aaron who was standing there with his mouth open and all I could do was say "Aaron?" in a voice wondering why he was just standing there staring (I now know he was in just as much shock as I was over the whole thing). I then immediately walked away and headed in to our apartment. Oh, and yes, our neighbors saw the whole thing and I am sure didn't know what to think either.

I headed straight for the bathroom and wasn't really feeling any pain yet. As I washed my hands I looked in the mirror and noticed my face around my mouth was all scraped up. I started to whimper a bit (yes, whimper) as I started to feel the pain in my knee and hands. I grabbed a wash rag and cleaned up my face as I walked back to the door to see where Aaron was.

He was just heading in the house with the girls and all he could say was "Wow!" I was slowly starting to feel all the pain more intensely. Aaron rushed me into the shower telling me to get everything cleaned out really good before the shock wore off completely and the pain was hitting me at full force.

As I was in the shower, the pain hit me at full force. I was trying my best not to cry because the girls kept coming in and wanting to see my owies. When I got out, I started to panic a bit realizing that I had landed right on my stomach. So I laid down and luckily didn't have to wait long before Baby Boy started kicking me pretty hard. I knew I should still call the on-call doctor and see if I needed to come in to be monitored. Without any hesitation the doctor told me that I definitely needed to come in and be monitored.

Once we got in to Labor and Delivery, they informed that I would need to stay and be monitored for 24 hours. Definitely not what I was planning on having to do, but I knew it was definitely best considering the situation.

Once I was in my room and starting to get changed into my hospital gown, I was starting to feel a pain in my left hand that was definitely not something small. It was throbbing in pain and definitely swollen around my knuckles under my pointer and middle finger. They did an X-Ray that night and I found out at about 3am that nothing was broken. Well, I was still in a large amount pain, so they had an Orthopedic doctor come in and look at it. He told me that I must have torn some ligaments in my hand, but nothing bad enough to need surgery. So he gave a splint to wear and told me to wear it for a week or two.

Everything with baby turned out great. No problems there at all.

So, for the next 2.5 to 4.5 weeks I will just be taking it easy to avoid any further trips to labor and delivery, unless it is to deliver baby boy.

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