.Greyden Benjamin Stitt.

July 27th, 2011 at 5:30pm Greyden Benjamin Stitt joined our little family. He weighed 7lbs and was 20 inches long.

Wednesday morning I got up at about 7:45 waiting for the call to tell us to come in for our scheduled induction. I did my best to not get excited and anticipate the call too much, because I knew there was a chance that they could push it back a day or even 2. So, when the phone rang at 8:40 and I saw the hospitals # I just about jumped out my chair as I answered the phone. They told me that they were ready for me and to come in as soon as possible. Brookie had already gotten up and was ready to go, so I just had to get Aaron and Lily up and ready.

We were out the door by 9:15 and headed to drop the girls off at Aunt Katie's. The whole drive I just kept saying to Aaron "I can't believe that we are going to have a baby today!"

We got to the hospital about 9:40 and they got us straight to a room where they started some penicillin as I tested positive for Group B Strep. About 30 minutes later they started the pitocin.

When we got there I was dilated to 2cm. I let the pitocin do it's thing for about an hour and a half before I requested my epidural. I knew it would be a lot less nerve racking getting the epidural if I was in at least some pain. It didn't take long for the anesthesiologist to get there once I had requested my epidural. In true Aaron fashion, he was fascinated at what the anesthesiologist was doing and was peaking over me the whole time watching the process. Then Aaron says "Now THIS is Spinal Tap". He got absolutely no reaction from the nurse or the anesthesiologist. I probably would have laughed had I not been getting a giant needle inserted into my spine, but I know that everyone in his family would have gotten a kick out of it.

After getting my epidural it seemed like my progression was taking FOREVER!! I was dilating about 1cm every 2 hours even after the Dr. came in and broke my water. Aaron and I were SURE that we were going to be waiting until 9 that night until we got to meet our baby boy.

At about 3pm our nurse came in and told us that she would be going in to a delivery and that another nurse would be taking care of us while she was there. At about 4:30 the babies heart rated started to drop with every contraction. Since the last time the nurse had checked me I was only at a 4, the nurse figured it was the way I was laying and that I just needed to get some more oxygen. So I got rolled over onto my other side and started on oxygen. 20 mins later his rate was still dropping, so the nurse checked me again to see if it was because I was getting close to labor. I was only dilated to a 5 at this point. So we figured the waiting game would just continue even longer.

Well, we were wrong. 20 minutes later I felt what I thought was an intense contraction, so I pushed the button for more medicine through my epidural. Then I felt it again and told Aaron to go and get the nurse. This was not an intense contraction, but an EXTREME amount of pressure. The nurse came in and checked me...I was fully dilated and ready to push. The timing seriously could not have been any better. My nurse had just finished her delivery and my Dr. was scheduled to go into a C-section at 5pm, but was running a bit behind finishing up with some patients. So they paged her down to my room and we were ready to have a baby!

It took them about 15 minutes to get everything all prepped and ready for baby to come. Then came the pushing...if you can even call it that. 1 and a 1/2 pushes and baby Greyden was born! Everything went great for me and for baby. Aaron cut the cord and then I was able to do what they call "skin to skin" where they lay the baby on your chest so you are both touching bare skin. They have found it helps the bonding process between Mommy and baby. After 10 minutes of that, they weighed him and checked all his vitals. Then they all left the room for about 30 minutes while Aaron and I just got to enjoy our brand new baby boy.

It was seriously such an amazing experience! I can't imagine it having gone any better.

Now we are home and adjusting to life with 3 little monsters needing our constant attention. The girls both LOVE their baby brother...sometimes a little too much. Things are going well, except that Greyden has a bit of jaundice and has to lay on the light bed all the time. :( Hopefully his levels go down tomorrow and we can be done with the bed. I hate it more than anything.

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