.Dear Landlord.

Tuesday evening, we received a note from our Landlord, along with everyone else in our complex.
The note explained that they would be putting in new windows at our apartment starting Wednesday and finishing up Friday. It detailed out that they would be doing the building in front of us first and they would finish that building up Thursday morning and start on some of our buildings apartments. Then they would finish up the rest of our building on Friday.

Thursday morning I had sick children with colds and was feeling very under the weather myself. So I had my husband let the landlord know that we would like our apartment to be one of the last ones done on Friday. He agreed and said that would be fine.

We ended up leaving Thursday night to head up to Aaron's parents house and stay the night since we had a wedding in Ogden on Friday afternoon. On the note from our Landlord, it said he would be available to let the window company in if we were not home. I figured this would work out the best. I would have my kids out of their way and we wouldn't be trying to get ready for the wedding and just the day in general with them in all of our rooms and the living room.

Friday evening, Aaron's brother Chris came by to pick up the board games that we keep at our house and bring them up to the parent's house with him. I told him where the spare key was and when he arrived, our apartment was already unlocked. Aaron called up our landlord to let him know about the situation and he more or less call Chris a liar and told Aaron that was not possible. STRIKE #1 on our dear sweet landlord during this situation.

We came home last night and I walked in excited to see our new windows. Let me note that the landlord had asked that we remove anything ON or AROUND the windows. I made sure to do exactly that. No curtains, nothing on the windows...it did not state I needed to rearrange my furniture to have the windows put in.

When I walked in the house my computer desk was still moved away from the window in the living room. I didn't think much of it and figured that we could just move it back. I would have been completely fine with the situation had that been the end of it.

As I walked down the hall towards my room I looked in to girls room. Brooklyn's bed was moved away from the wall as well. I could feel the frustration starting to build as I knew I was going to find our bed still moved away from our window...and I did. Let me just tell you now...our bed is definitely not the easiest bed to move. It is heavy and big. It is not something that Aaron and I could have done too easily together...at least not as easy as 2 grown men that are lifting windows all day and have some strong muscles. Thankfully, Aaron's brother Ky & his girlfriend Savannah were coming over and got here shortly after we did.

I was very frustrated over the situation and did not understand why the landlord had not had them simply move our things back. So I called him at 9pm on a Saturday night to let him know I was unhappy with what I had come home to.

I started out the conversation VERY calmly and RATIONALLY. I explained that we were excited about our new windows and knew that it would entail them probably moving our furniture out of the way, but that I was a bit frustrated to come home and find all of my furniture moved away the windows still...mainly our bed since it was very heavy and not something I could help my husband move easily. It all went downhill from there (not on my end...I am VERY proud of how well I kept my cool with this guy).

He explained to me that we had somehow inconvenienced him because we wanted our apartment to be last and that he should have just skipped our apartment all together. (WHAT?!?) I explained to him that my children and I were all sick and we had simply asked that we have our apartment done on Friday. I read to him exactly what HIS note to us had said about finishing up the rest of our building on Friday. He quickly dropped that and moved on to his next argument.

He told me that he had to drive all the way from across town to let them in because we had not let him know we were not going to be home. (WHAT?!?!?) Once again, I let him know the note said that he would be available to let them in if we were not home. It does not ask for us to inform him that we will not be there. I had assumed he would be around the area if there were any issues or concerns from his tenants or the window company.

**This ENTIRE time, I simply wanted an apology that things had been left that way by the window company...which I told him multiple times throughout the conversation. Yet he kept coming back at me with more things.**

NEXT - He complained that he didn't appreciate having phone calls on Friday & Saturday nights. (WHAT?!?) I think my jaw dropped and I said "YOU'RE A LANDLORD!!! That is part of your job!!"

I then told him that, as we had told him when we moved in, that we used to manage properties and were landlords ourselves. I know how this all works. We pay our rent on time, we don't come to him with stupid problems *like neighbor problems...we have dealt with them ALL ourselves and it has ended better than it would calling the landlord like a school child*, we keep our apartment nice and clean & certainly do not trash the place as he would have seen when he let the window company in. I told him that this whole situation was being created simply because he could not just apologize that things were left differently than I felt they should have been. Instead, he tried to place all of this blame on us.

**This is not the first time he has done this either. We had only lived here for 2 days and our freezer wasn't working...he tried to blame that on us**

Finally, I had to end the conversation and I told him that I just felt he could have handled the situation differently and not tried to place all of the blame on me. I told him that this conversation clearly was not going anywhere productive. I let him know that I was sorry if I had interrupted his Saturday night and that I hoped he enjoyed the rest of his evening.

When I hung up the phone my whole body was SHAKING because I had held in all of the anger he had sent running through me with his ridiculous behavior. I could have VERY easily stepped down to his level and had a yelling match with this guy. I am glad I didn't though. It may have taken 10 minutes for my body to relax back to a normal state, but I walked away from the conversation very proud of the way I handled him. To me, it is more of a slap in the face to someone if you are the bigger person and YOU walk away. Not to say I am expecting him to feel remorse and come apologizing still. It would be nice...but I most certainly do not expect it.

This story was not fabricated in any way...our Landlord truly is that rude.
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