.I Am Thankful #1.


I am thankful for my wonderful husband.

He always seems to save my sanity just by walking in the door after he has spent a long day at work.

I feel strangely rejuvenated simply by the fact that he is home, especially if it has been a long and exhausting day with my little ones.

Anytime I need to relax and even head to bed a little earlier than the kids, he is more than willing to hang out with them and make sure they let me sleep.

He is always teaching our children many things and giving them the extra push they need to accomplish something they may think is out of their reach.

He constantly reminds me that I can do anything I put my mind to and supports me in any endeavor.

Our marriage is far from perfect...it has had it's many ups and downs...through it all, he is still my best friend. 

He has also given me 2 BEAUTIFUL babies that I love more than anything and has been an equally amazing Daddy to Brooklyn.

I love him more each passing day and I am so lucky to call him mine.
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