.I Am Thankful #21.


I am thankful for my family's health.

Yesterday was my birthday. We celebrated it on Sunday, so there was nothing special planned for the day. I just expected to relax a bit...which did not end up happening.

Aaron woke up feeling terrible. He seems to have the same sickness that I had for a full week and a half. You just feel terrible and exhausted with no other real symptoms. I would probably call it a "Man Cold", minus the cold symptoms.

Lily woke up in the middle of the night Sunday complaining that her ear hurt. She had cold like symptoms off and on for a week, so I decided to take her in to the Dr. on Monday to check for an ear infection. Sure enough, she had an ear infection and we ended up getting her caught up on her shots as well.

THEN the car decided it needed an oil change, it was time for a turning signal light to go out AND have tire pressure issues with the lights on the dashboard all going crazy that morning on the way to taking Brooklyn to Preschool. So I ended up spending my evening at the mechanic while the girls stayed home to relax with Aaron. Greyden also decided that he was going to be a cranky little baby that night and was fussy the whole time we were at the mechanic...which is not like him at all!

I am thankful that my family only has minor illnesses that require limited antibiotics and maybe some cold medicine to ease the small amounts of pain and discomfort.
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