.One For The History Books.

Aaron and I have always had a little back and forth banter about what I ACTUALLY do while I am at home all day with the kids. He, like other men, tends to think I just sit around on my butt all day doing nothing. (Really? Nothing?!?)

Yesterday...I was able to prove him wrong in a big way.

It has been 6.5 months since Mr. Greyden was born and I am only 2 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight!! :) Aaron has made the comment many times that he doesn't know how I have lost the weight so quickly. He knows I eat well because of the food that I keep in the house and the dinners I make. Yet, he seemed to think I didn't get any real exercise. 

So we spent his day off from work yesterday cleaning the house and doing laundry for the first part of the day. Then running errands for the last half of the day. After we had cleaned the house TOGETHER and hung up all the laundry TOGETHER...he fell on the bed and uttered these words to me "I didn't realize how much work this was. I am tired!" He then proceeded to tell me he could see how I had lost all my baby weight so fast. I then reminded him that I do all of this in a day BY MYSELF as well as taking care of 3 little children...one of which weighs 19lbs and can't get anywhere on his own. 

NOW he understands!

**Just wanted to keep this for future reference if this ever comes up again ;)**

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