Easter 2012

Easter weekend this year was SO fun!! I really feel like I have a little family now. All 3 of my kids are doing and learning different things. All of their little personalities are shining and I am loving every second I get to enjoy them while they are little. I am so grateful for these 3 little ones that I have been blessed with. They are some of the best things that have ever happened to me. :)

We started out our Easter Weekend by heading up to G&G 'chilles house on Saturday. As soon as we got there, we had lunch and rushed outside to play. It was so nice outside and fun to take the kids exploring out in the backyard.

Greyden sitting on a rock by the little creek in the backyard.

Daddy with his 3 little Monsters by the creek.

We then headed over to a family friends house in the Valley who makes soap, lotion, lip balm and other Bath & Body type things out of goat milk (I was seriously amazed at her set-up and the soap smells AMAZING!! You can check out her website Simply Eden) We got to play with all the baby goats and I would have taken one home if I could have.

Brookie LOVED holding the baby goats. The two of us definitely had a favorite. Here she is with Domino. He was the littlest one.
I was very impressed with Brookie. She would just walk right up to the baby goats and scoop them up in her arms. Lily was fairly scared of them..lol but I guess a lot of younger children are a bit freaked out by goats. Their eyes can come across as very creepy or really cool (I thought they were cool). 

This little goat just hopped right up on Grandma's lap while she was holding Greyden. Greyden quickly was annoyed with sharing Grandma's lap with a goat.

After going to see the baby goats we went and saw some baby bunnies. Thankfully Brookie isn't old enough to beg endlessly to take one home. :)

Daddy loved them too...haha

After dinner that night, we dyed Easter Eggs. Surprisingly, the only spill we had was thanks to Daddy and no clothing was harmed or damaged.

Easter morning, the kids found their baskets and hunted Easter Eggs.

Then we got all ready for church and took some pictures.

My little man in his sweater vest and loafers.

Lily was not wanting to hold still for pictures...

We had to tell Lily to "freeze" for the pictures. 

The best one I got of all 3 of them. Brookie my little model, Greyden my sweet and gentle boy...then there is Lily...oh my little crazy Lillian.

Daddy with his 2 little Princesses.

My cute little family all dressed up for Easter Sunday.

We ended Easter with a wonderful and DELICIOUS family dinner that Aaron's parents prepared. It was seriously AMAZING!! We all ate until we couldn't eat anymore. Greyden ate so much he fell asleep right at the table.

It was the best Easter Weekend I think I have ever had. I am so thankful to have such a wonderful family. I love all of them. :)

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