Spring & Summer Catch-Up

Wow...it has been a LONG time since I have blogged. Definitely the longest hiatus since I started writing.

Life has definitely been a lot busy and I don't see it slowing down any time soon.

Winter was depressing for many reasons and I am SO glad summer is here! We have been enjoying being outside (and inside on the SUPER hot days).

In the Spring, Aaron & I put the girls in soccer.

 Brookie had a hard time due to being in an age group above where she should have been and Lily just hated it lol she got bored and couldn't stand the constant starting over that happens with soccer. Brookie definitely improved dramatically by the end of the season and Lily seemed to have been improving as well. So we decided to put them both in Summer Soccer.
Brookie has made 3 goals so far. One of them against a really good defense. She has made me such a proud mama this season with how much she has improved. We will definitely be continuing on with soccer in the fall.
Lily...well we are not going to be putting her in soccer next season. I have learned A LOT about Lily's personality and decided to let her try dance in the fall along with Brookie. She needs something where she is constantly learning and focusing on something besides a ball that lots of other children are fighting over.

We had our first family camping trip this summer at Currant Creek in Heber.
 It was so gorgeous up there! Totally worth the drive. We all had such a fun time.
We spent pretty much the whole day out on the water.

Brookie was a pro at casting out her line after fishing with Grandpa. She loves to fish :)

Lily definitely preferred to be on land vs the water. She would get out on the kayak with someone and scream "Paddle Paddle PADDLE!!" the entire time. She was certain she would sink if you weren't constantly moving.

Poor Aaron & Brookie ended up with TERRIBLE sunburns on their legs from being in the canoe most of the day. I have learned a lot about how Brookie needs to be doused in sunscreen every hour when she is outside.

We spent the 4th of July in Hunstville and were in the parade on the Garage Sale float. The kids loved it and I had a lot of fun as well.

 We were so busy having fun that I didn't really take many pictures that day. 

Last but definitely not least, Aaron kicked off the summer with a new job! I am so grateful to him for being such a great provider. I am able to fulfill my dream of being a stay at home Mom while supporting him in all of his dreams as well. 

Every day is an adventure here and I am enjoying every second of it. :)

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